When I was 7 years old, I was hit by a car in front of the school. It was my first day of grade 1.

To bare you the gruesome details, I was stuck under the car until some men saw the accident and ran over to lift the car off me. During that traumatic event, as well as during my hospital stay, I experienced multiple soul loss.

I want to share my experience of soul retrieval as it was a powerful session of remembering and repatriating parts of myself that became disconnected from my being.

What came up was the memory of trying to lift the car off me. I was so upset and very frustrated with myself that I couldn’t move it… that I wasn’t strong enough… that I couldn’t help myself.

Most of my life I have been overly hard on myself, feeling like I am weak and dependant on others. But in hindsight, I am a freaking strong woman! I have gone through a lot of stuff. I cared for my terminally ill mom at the age of 17 as well as my younger brother, all by myself. I have walked away from situations that were not aligned with my values, multiple times.

The second thing that came up during the soul retrieval was my stay at the hospital. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness and abandonment. And the total disgust felt towards my body. So much disgust that I just didn’t want to be in it. The thought that I might not be able to walk or run or do things again. The idea that nobody would love me or my body.

Soul loss occurred in order for me to ‘survive’ these strong emotional shocks. Which might have been beneficial at the time, but not anymore. Usually, the intention is for the soul part to return, but our culture doesn’t facilitate this form of healing and grieving, and thus the soul part stays fractured and lost until a call back is made (and the willingness to work through these wounds).

The return of these soul parts allowed me to feel more complete and to heal deep wounds that were affecting me unconsciously.

Have you been through a traumatic event such as an accident, a bitter divorce, an emotional shock, abuse, etc…? Are there any memory blanks in your life where you suspect something distressing occurred?

soul retrieval