I don’t know about you but I have lots of projects and ideas I have started working on and have abandoned mid-way. I keep telling myself I will work on it later or when x y z are in place.

Sometimes there is a good reason why we procrastinate.

It can be because your Soul is not fully aligned with this project. It can be because you are trying to do it for the wrong reasons. Or, the ideal behind it was driving you, but not the project itself.

Unfinished Business and Loss of Vitality

Every project we start is like a little unborn baby that carries some of our essence and energy. If we do not complete the project it can be felt as a ‘still birth’. That is why I believe closing projects in a proper manner is very important so we can bring back all of our energy in and not have little pieces of ourselves scattered everywhere, drain little by little our vitality.

Steps to letting go of unfinished business

So how do we close these unfinished projects? I journeyed to my spirit guides for guidance and here is the information I received :

– Give thanks and appreciation for what was provided at the time. No matter what it was there was a reason why this project was started. Reflect if it fulfilled its reason and why you feel called to abort it at this time. Be honest with yourself.

– Ask to know if there is a particular message or lesson you still need to understand regarding this project.

– Ask to perceive where you are still attached to the project. Then ask how you can both (the project and you) be free so you can have all of your spirit and energy back.

– Then ask if there is anything else you need to do.

Rituals to let go

I believe rituals are so important when we make big changes in our life or when we need to let things go. Why not prepare a beautiful ceremony to bless what are you are letting go of and have no regrets over your decisions, whatever they might be.

Fire ceremony:

After going through the previous steps, write what you are letting go of on a beautiful sheet of paper. Then, burn the paper and ask your whole being to let go and transform this project in the right and perfect way.

Observe how the paper burns. Is it burning slowly or rapidly? do you have to light it up a few time? How does it correlate to the ways you feel as you are going through this process? It can be a good indication if there may be some remaining work to do around fully letting go of it.

You may light up a candle or use a backyard fire pit (remember to use caution and have water close by as it can make a lot of floating ashes – it preferable to do this outside on a non-windy day).

Water ceremony:

Setup the right mood by lighting candles, incents, putting on light music and dimming the light. In the bathtub or the shower, after having gone through the previous steps, allow the water to wash away all the energies associated with this project. Mindfully wash your body and make the request to cleanse yourself of anything keeping you attached. Do this until you feel the process is complete.

What to do next

Now that you are ready to turn the page, you may want to spend some time reflecting on what you would now like to invite in your life. This is an important step, as what you have just released has now made an opening that will seek to be filled. Instead of letting it fill itself with things that may not be truly what you desire, consciously look at what you are truly wanting to manifest in your life.

Looking at your to-do list or your short to long term goals, are there any that really don’t pull your heart anymore?

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