It takes great strength and insight to seek out energetic and spiritual healing. It’s a vulnerable act, one which requires great courage, self-awareness and a willingness to surrender. 

Embarking on spiritual healing can feel even more vulnerable when you don’t know who you’re about to let into your energy, so let’s sit down to chat with Amelie, the owner and spiritual healer behind Liberate Your True Self.

Hi Amelie! Thanks for taking the time to share a little more about your work! Tell us more about what you do, and why?

I’ve been a healer for over 10 years, and I opened my crystal store and on-site healing studio in Port Moody, here in Vancouver, BC Canada about 6 and a half years ago. It’s called Liberate Your True Self

I provides energetic and spiritual healing for people wanting more out of their lives. People who know they want to be in a different or better place, but aren’t despite their best efforts. If someone is constantly feeling stuck in their personal life – or maybe in their career or business – I help them understand what’s going on, on a deeper level. 

When your personal energy is unbalanced, or misaligned, it can spill out into other areas of your life and show up as chaos. And, then before you know it, everything feels hectic and out of control. That’s where I can help. 

For example, let’s say you notice you’re struggling with the same problems over and over again – in life, love, money, health, or business. And, you just don’t know how to break those patterns.

I help people discover the unresolved underlying energies causing these patterns and release these layers on a spiritual level – a level that’s maybe deeper than what you’re comfortable exploring on your own. It can also be harder to access some information within you if you judge certain behaviours, emotions or if you are highly self-critical. Because of that, working with me can help you access information that would be harder to get on your own.

When you let go of negative energies, and figure out what’s causing them in the first place, you free up space in so many areas of your life. It means you can actually release what’s holding you back. This is what I enjoy doing the most for my clients. 


What inspired you to become a spiritual healer? 

I was on my own healing journey, but always felt like something was lacking from the conventional methods I tried. I wasn’t getting the emotional and spiritual growth I was hoping for, so I started exploring less conventional means, like energy healing, and the power of crystals. 

Then, everything just clicked. 

Now, I’m so grateful to be in the position to help other people release unwanted energies and  imbalances from their lives. I offer free 15-minute consults, so people can get a better idea if spiritual healing is for them. So, for anyone interested in a consultation, please email me at and we can chat. I find just doing these short consultations can give clients a breakthrough. And, when we start to work deeper together, real change happens. 


What one thing do you want people to know, when it comes to their own spiritual journey?

I believe that inner peace is possible, healing is possible, no matter how long it’s been. I really encourage people to try energy healing, even if they’ve never considered it or are skeptical, because it can absolutely change your life. 

This is the kind of work I know I was meant to do. Seeing how my client’s lives have changed through our work together is just so rewarding. And, I want more people to experience this. 

I invite people to get in touch with me via email at info[at] if they want to work together and learn more about what I do!