As humans, we have a natural tendency to accumulate things – clothes, books, knick-knacks, and even emotions. Just as we need to declutter our physical spaces, it’s important to remember that our homes can also accumulate negative energy over time. This is where energy clearing comes in.

Energy clearing is a practice that involves removing stagnant energies and neutralizing harmful influences from a space to make room for positive energy to flow in. It’s an ancient practice that has been used by different cultures around the world for centuries. Energy clearing can benefit a house in many ways, so let’s explore why you should consider hiring someone to energetically clear your home.


Common symptoms of detrimental environmental energies are…

Although not everyone has the same experiences, here is a list of common symptoms:

  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of energy
  • Weak immune system prone to frequent illnesses
  • Confusion, incoherent thinking and difficulty concentrating
  • Cold spots or chills around the house
  • Persistent problems with tech devices
  • A sense of being watched or followed
  • Uncharacteristic changes in attitude and habits
  • Misfortunes and endless setbacks
  • Arguments and difficult relationship dynamics
  • Depression, moodiness and dark thoughts


Benefits of Energy Clearing

A More Peaceful Environment 

One of the main benefits of energy clearing is that it can create a more positive and peaceful environment. Negative energy can accumulate in a house over time, which can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, conflicts and even physical discomfort. Energy clearing can help to release this negative energy and create a more harmonious and balanced environment.


Improved Good Fortune

It’s absolutely essential to do a space clearing after an illness, divorce, death, or misfortune. Doing this facilitates the timely release of pain, suffering, sorrow, and discomfort so that you can begin anew. Constant setbacks can be caused by environmental factors. This can often be observed by a series of unsuccessful businesses at the same location.


Better Sleep 

 Detrimental influences can interfere with your ability to relax and fall asleep, which can lead to a host of health problems. By  harmonizing the negative energy in your home, you can create a more peaceful and relaxing environment that can promote better sleep.


Why Work With Me?

While it is possible to clear the energy in your home on your own, it can be challenging to identify the areas that need clearing and to know what techniques to use.

Hiring an experienced energy clearing practitioner, like myself, helps ensure that the job is done thoroughly and effectively. I can identify which areas of your home need clearing, and will use a variety of energy clearing techniques,, to address detrimental  energies and promote positive energy flow. I can also provide guidance on how to maintain a positive energy flow in your home.

Energy clearing is a powerful practice that can benefit your home in many ways. By removing negative energy, you can create a more positive, peaceful, and harmonious living environment. 

If you are looking to transform your home, and create a more positive and harmonious living environment, email me today.