The gemstones you need is Carnelian and Black Tourmaline. Carnelian increases perceptiveness and awareness of the link between your inner state and emotions. It is a gemstone that promotes love above all. It works well with the first four Chakras to increase vitality, creativity, personal power and compassion. It has strong protection properties and helps to transmute the negative energies that are being directed to self. It protects against and helps to release fear, envy, and rage.

Black Tourmaline is helpful in deflecting negative energies coming to you so they bounce back instead of being absorbed.

I noticed after doing many readings that the people who were coming to find a stone for protection and to help them let go of negativity had quite a few things in common. The first one was an inability/difficulty expressing their needs or desires (or to express them constructively).

I also noticed that many of them were what is called ’empaths’ and were picking up other people’s mood and feelings. This can get taxing on the body if you are unable to ground this energy and have to deal with the baggage of others on top of yours.

I suggest combining Carnelian with Black Tourmaline to effectively ground the excess energies. And to practice checking in with yourself when you start feeling off to figure out if these emotions are yours or not.

If you consider yourself an empath, you may want to contemplate on any beliefs that you need to save others or carry their burden as it may exacerbate the dynamic of acquiring other people’s ‘stuff’.