The gemstones you need is Turquoise and Citrine. Turquoise has been known as a protective stone and a bringer of good fortune by many cultures. It is a stone of courage, bringing mental and spiritual clarity, as well as promoting wisdom and understanding. Turquoise is often found in arid areas and helps us see the opportunities in our life that are available when and where it may seem bleak.

Citrine is great not only to acquire wealth but also to maintain an abundant state of mind. It is a gemstone that activates creativity, intelligent decisiveness, personal power, optimism, and more which all help you to find and create opportunities.

There are often dynamics of self-sabotage when it comes to money. Sometimes because you unconsciously (or consciously) believe that you don’t deserve it. Or because you believe on some level it will come at the expense of something more important to you, like love or family.

We also sabotage ourselves by not taking action on our ideas.

Or if you also feel that there isn’t enough to go around and there is an underlying dynamic of hoarding you will also keep abundance at bay.

Having a correct state of mind and emotional balance is tremendously important when working on attracting and maintaining wealth and abundance, even more so when it comes to money.