If you’ve selected ‘Attracting Love’ as the most important area in your life you are seeking support, the gemstones you need is Lepidolite and Rhodonite.

Lepidolite supports you in the restructuration of old patterns and lesser ideals to gently create change and bring in energies of hope and acceptance. It is a wonderful gemstone to support self-love and greater trust of oneself and others. Lepidolite helps you to become more open and authentic.

Rhodonite, on the other hand, helps with forgiveness and resentment issues. It also helps to mend a broken heart and heal unresolved emotional pain. It is also a gemstone that can assist you with meeting the right partner.

Often times, when we are struggling in the area of love, we may still carry unresolved issues that have created a lack of self-love and a negative image of ourselves. If you are looking for a certain type of relationship and don’t feel you measure up, it will be very difficult to meet a partner that meets your criteria.

Unsevered bonds can also make you unavailable to potential partners. These bonds can be spiritual as past-life vows, legal as unfinalized separation or divorce, or emotional and sexual as unseen energetic cordings with past companions.