Chakra Clearing Program

$ 297.00

  • USD: 222.42$

Experience a deep and effective step-by-step energy healing modality and radically transform your life

Explore the hidden realms of yourself and heal core hidden blocks so you can experience lasting inner peace, harmonious relationships and increased intuition.

This program is a simple and transformative process designed to help you pinpoint and release unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, and alleviate non-beneficial dynamics.

With these tangible tools you will be able to identify your blocks with precision, and the means to release them effortlessly. That includes not having to recall or relive painful memories.

The program includes:

  • Overview of the Chakras
  • Scanning your Chakras
  • Using a pendulum to access your subconscious mind
  • Trapped emotions inquiry process and list of 130 emotions
  • Limiting belief inquiry process and list of 350 beliefs
  • Non-beneficial issues and dynamics inquiry process and list of 135 dynamics
  • 4 Clearing techniques
  • Self-care assessment and creation of your vision of balance plan
  • Chakra care for each of the chakras
  • Daily healing scripts for each of the Chakra (56 healing scripts)
  • List of balancing gemstones for each of the Chakras
  • List of trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and dynamics for each of the Chakras
  • Writing prompts and advanced inquiry for each of the Chakras
  • 8 Guided meditations

Are there any prerequisites?

  • Participants from all experience level are welcomed. No previous meditation or intuitive skill necessary.
  • A pendulum and a journal will be required as well as the ability to print some or all of the handouts


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