Have you ever ponder on all the little stressors in your life that drain and scatter your energy and focus? They are often the daily or weekly irritants that occur but are rarely dealt with. They range from the things we keep looking for, what we forget, the recurring conflicts, the unfinished business, etc. August seems to be a good time to contemplate on these stressors and discard or reorganize those aspects in your life, home and routine that can be improved upon to reduce stress.

I may not have enjoyed school but I  love looking at the planners, folders, boxes and all these organizational tools that are out in stores for ‘back-to-school’. It inspires me to make my life more efficient so I have more time and energy for the things I love. In August we are often a bit more rested and energized too, so tackling decluttering and organizing can seem a little less daunting and overwhelming.

Organizing with gemstones

Of course, gemstones are not going to do the hard work for you. It is still important to uncover the underlying emotions, patterns and dynamics that are creating your reality. However, on the physical realm, gemstones can help you focus on a goal and remind you of the aspirations you have for yourself and your life. On the energetic realm, they also help to modulate your energetic frequency so it is easier to achieve those goals.

Gemstones for decluttering and organizing

fluorite towerTo help you with the task of decluttering and organizing, I recommend Fluorite and Jade. Fluorite helps with bringing to order what is chaotic and disorganized. It also helps with decision-making and concentration, which can be difficult when we are trying to let go of material things or ideas around what ‘should’ be.

nephrite jade tumbleJade, on the other hand, help us to bring peace and harmony to structures, including physical, material, emotional, and intellectual. It assists us with releasing negativity and provide you with the resourcefulness and wisdom needed to adjust your environment. It brings inspiration and helps us solves problems through the dream state.

Both Fluorite and Jade promotes a higher ideal for ourself and our life and facilitates the accomplishment of this vision.

fluorite and jade to organizing with gemstones

How to tackle the decluttering and organizing process

I asked my friend Quincilia Siah (SOS My Space), Professional Organizer, for some tips and tricks and here is her expert advice on tackling decluttering.

The journey to getting organized often begins with decluttering. As you consider Marie-Kondo-ing your closet, realize that you’re about to face a slough of decisions.

You’ll come face-to-face with questions like:

“How long has it been since I wore this dress?”

“Will I ever get back to this size again?”

“Do I really need 60 pairs of socks?”

You’ll encounter some heavy moments of guilt when you come across that itchy brown scarf that your Aunt Mae knitted for you that you’ve never worn but felt too guilty to pass on.

You may even find yourself reminiscing back to your first concert when you come across the Janet Jackson t-shirt that’s more like a crop top now.

It’s easy to feel sucked in by nostalgia and emotions of guilt, shame and defeat. However, a successful decluttering session is all about having the right mindset. The mindset that moves you forward in life, not the one that keeps you tethered to the past.

Ask yourself this:

“Why is getting organized important to me?”

“How will decluttering create a positive impact in my daily routines?”

“What is not working for me in my home and what changes do I want to see?”

Once you’ve set your intentions and goals, you’ll be able to move through the emotional journey that you are sure to experience as you work on releasing the material things that no longer serve you or bring you joy.

Here are 4 easy steps to clearing your clutter


Step 1: Schedule it in.

If it’s not planned, it won’t happen. Schedule it into your calendar like you’d schedule a Reiki appointment.


Step 2: Set yourself up for success.

Before you begin, set yourself up with some boxes / bags and designate them for Donations, Trash, Recycling, Keep.


Step 3: Go zone by zone.

Decide what zone is a priority for you and start on that. I suggest starting with a small zone first, like the junk drawer! Once you succeed, move on to the next zone, and the next! Starting with easy zones will help you to hone your decision-making skills.


Step 4: Make it fun!

Life has to be filled with joyful experiences and this is no exception. Turn on your favourite throw-back jams and make decluttering a fun game! I like to reward myself with a crystal-infused Epsom salt bath for a job well done.


Like healing, decluttering and organizing our spaces is a process. It’s not going to happen all at once. Have patience with yourself and the process and enlist the support of professionals if you need to. For more tips on decluttering and organization, you can follow Quincilia on Facebook or Instagram.

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