With spring arriving and March 20th being International Earth Day, this month’s theme is about honouring the earth and nature. I find that so many questions can be answered when we spend time contemplating nature (and how everything works in harmony when there is no (human) external influence or when man works in harmony with nature).

So maybe one of the ways to find more peace and harmony within and regain a sense of balance in our life is to reconnect with nature and the planet. To design and align our life with the cycles and principals of nature which we find within our own self, but have discarded for most of our life.

As we learn to listen more intently to our body we might be drawn to seek more natural and gentle ways to fulfill our needs. And as we grow in our connection and appreciation of nature and the depth of wisdom it can offer us, we may slowly start to re-establish the energetic bonds with nature and our environment from earlier times. Through these bonds, we may become more receptive to the nurturing energies emanating from the Spirit of the Earth. We may also become more attuned to the ecosystem at large and to the needs of other species of nature. This is when walking through a park or a forest isn’t just a physical exercise but becomes a spiritual experience onto itself.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to establish and connect with nature as one must be able to move through the thick fog of man-made electromagnetic and radio fields that is scrambling the subtle frequencies of natural communication and greatly influence our own biology.

To reclaim a more organic and balanced way of living, here are some tangible ideas you can implement in your life right now :

  • Reduce media consumption and limit the number of electronics in your home and the amount of time spent around electronics. This is probably the most difficult step of all.
  • Purchase products you consume or put on your body as natural and organic as possible. Eating whole food or minimally processed food. Using skincare products that are made of natural ingredients instead of chemicals and fragrances.
  • Blessing your food by appreciating what nature has provided you with and appreciating the hard work of farmers and producers so you can have access to this amazing variety of produce.
  • Surrounding your home with furniture and products that are built strong and constructed with mainly natural material. So that is may last for many years to come, so that it may be repaired instead of thrown away, so that it may be repurposed or recycled and so the production of those items may have a less negative impact in the short and long term. Same thing goes with clothing.
  • Appreciating and honoring what you own by taking care of it and using it. Making a home you love and feel comfortable in.
  • Sharing or donating what is no longer needed or wanted and making someone else very happy.
  • Spending more time in nature and releasing your fear of the world and of nature.
  • Doing your part, in whatever way feels right to you, to improve your environment and your community, not only physically but also emotionally and morally.

Gemstones for Honouring the Earth

To help you tap into the spiritual aspect of nature, I invite you to work with Nuumite, Indigo Grabbo and Leopard Jasper.

nuummite tumble close upNuumite is one of the oldest stones on Earth. It promotes resilience and self-empowerment. It is a stone of deep spiritual growth and can help you work with the elements. It is very grounding. It reduces tension and stress and can improve sleep.

indigo gabbro heartIndigo Grabbo works to unify the worlds of spirit and earth and of light and dark. It is a gemstone that helps us with balancing the positive and negative and to understand how these two aspects work in harmony, not in conflict.

leopard jasper leoparditeLeopard Jasper can help us communicate with the animal and nature kingdom. It can help us tap into a different type of communication which is more felt base and telepathic. Jaspers are very nurturing gemstones that helps us to bring more balance overall in our life.

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