A few years ago, I was introduced to the New Year exercise of choosing a special word as a focus and guidance for the year. This word should encompass how you want to feel in this coming year, and then guide your goals and decisions. This word is meant to inspire embodying a better version of yourself.

You can set aside some time to reflect and contemplate what would be the best word in your life right now that would inspire a positive change in your life.

For myself, I decided to choose the word Honor this year.

Honoring is to show great respect for someone or something. It’s to care with reverence. Honor is also a synonym of dignity, which is a state of being worthy. It also conveys a sense of victory, which inspires self-empowerment to me.

I chose the word HONOR because I believe that when we honor something we respect it, we care and tend to it, we give it attention. It is an elevated word from which many other qualities derive from.

Honor is more refined than respect because it implies worthiness. You can respect someone or something without valuing that person or object. And the word honor is less general and overuse than the word love, which has too many connotations and implications.

So my focus this year will be on honoring myself. Which will require me to reflect and contemplate on the care and maintenance of my body, my mind, and my environment deserves. It will help me become more firm with my personal boundaries as well.

To increase frequencies of honor, Scolecite and Amazonite would be a good combination of gemstones to work with.

scolecite tumble close upScolecite is a good gemstone to increase the cohesion of self. It also assists oneself to access the root of a problem and transform trials into love. It promotes self-control and the actualization of what is preferred in one’s life.

amazonite tumble close upAmazonite is a stone of self-confidence, respect and grace. It helps to take action through inspired thoughts. It balances the feminine and masculine energies, balancing doing and being.

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honoring ourselves