In this post you will find my suggestions on the best crystals for stress and how to use gemstones to reduce anxiety.

Stress and anxiety seem to be a growing issue among people, affecting a lot of children and teenagers as well. Many people are now turning to more holistic and alternative ways of managing their worries, malaise, and discomfort.

We may think our stress is due to our job, our home environment, our financial difficulties or health issues. For teenagers, it is often about managing expectations of friends, parents, society and the social pressure of performance, competition and judgment. All of those are definitely factors contributing to our stress, however, there are often deeper underlying issues.

Those underlying issues often revolve around the emotions and desires we repress, the lack of connection with our higher self as well as others, and unacknowledged fears (such as fear of the unknown, of the future, of making a mistake, etc.).

Exercise to reduce anxiety

In those cases, it can be a good exercise to speak out loud what might be the worst that could happen. To voice everything you might fear and then what might be the worst from that.

When you allow yourself to voice out the worst case of every scenario until there is nothing left, you realize that most of these fears are exaggerated. And if one were to occur, it might not be the ‘end of the world’. Besides, if something were to happen, there is a high probability that you would be able to handle the situation.

It is always much worst in our mind. And oftentimes, it is the thoughts we won’t allow ourselves to have or speak out loud that amplifies our fears.

How to use the gemstones

You can place the stones under your pillow or on your bedside table and allow their soothing energies to be with you during the night. Or you can carry them in your pocket, as jewelry or in a little medicine pouch around your neck.

If you have a meditation practice or are intending to start one, you can hold the stone in your non-dominant hand and allow yourself to receive the energy of the gemstone. You can also ask to perceive what cause and contribute to your stress and anxiety. And what would be the best way to manage those emotions as they arise. Let the answer emerge from within you.

If you work in an office and you feel the stress in your work environment, you can place the stones on your desk to remind you to stay grounded.

Crystals for stress and anxiety

The one I like to recommend is Lepidolite. Lepidolite contains Lithium which is a mineral that is often found in anti-depressant medication.

lepidolite heartLepidolite helps to gently bring a change in behavior. It promotes emotional healing & relieves stress, anxiety & depression. It helps to overcome addiction and victim mentality. And is supportive when going through grief. It encourages self-love, acceptance, trust, independence & healthy boundaries. It can also be beneficial for sleep issues. And to stabilizes mood swings.

lithium quartz tumbleThere is also Lithium Quartz which is a Clear Quartz with Lithium. Clear Quartz is an amplifier so it amplifies the properties of the Lithium.

Lithium Quartz helps to release stress, anxiety & tension. It has powerful calming properties without feeling tired/drained. It helps with emotional healing & detachment of what is not beneficial in one’s life.

smoky quartz tumble close upSmoky Quartz is also very supportive in releasing tension and helps to remain grounded. It releases tension and helps with stress. It brings strength and stability by grounding physically and spiritually. It can also transmutes negative energy and shields from psychic attacks. And helps to connect with the power of the Earth.

common black opalCommon Black Opal would be another good option`. It helps to reinforce the emotional body and the aura and is a gentle catalyst to physical healing. It aids to lift depression by reducing the sense of isolation & protects against negative energetic influences (entity attachment, psychic attack, negativity, etc.)

amethyst cluster cut baseAmethyst helps ones maintaining a more serene state of mind as it calms the mind from mental overwhelm. It allows one to be more serene & aware. It stimulates impartiality, sense of judgment, constructive thinking & acting.It helps to overcome pain, grief & loss. It can be supportive when working through addiction issues. It is also good for nightmares.

galaxite palm stone close upGalaxite helps to reduce fear, anxiety and stress, as well as nightmares. It supports us through periods of change by instilling strength and perseverance. It helps to instinctively know within ourselves, the “right time” for things. It fosters a strong connection with the planets in our own solar system and universal energies. And it can bring insights in regards to our destiny and helps us to achieve it too.

ocean jasper tumble close upOcean Jasper promotes peace and letting go. It enhances the kind of joy and strength that helps to increase expression of love in words & actions. It is beneficial in resolving conflicts. It brings into focus the positive aspects of ones’ life. And it helps to cultivate patience, coping with change and remaining grounded.

jet tumble close up

Jet instills hope. It helps to overcome anxiety & depression & to instill determination & perseverance when working on positive changes. It alleviates mood swings. And it helps achieve one’s goals. It is a grounding & purifying element. And it can protect against negative energies & psychic attacks.

Other products to relieve stress

I have personally found great benefits working with flower essences and essential oils. When I started my business everything was very precarious. I didn’t know how I was going to pay the rent and I was having a lot of anxiety. I used the Olive flower essence and found it very helpful in reducing these fears.

Sometimes it does take a few trials until you find the right essence for you. With flower essences, the effectiveness increases the more you use it throughout the day. The best way to use flower essences is to ingest a few drops 3-4 times a day.

Essence oils can be diffused or mixed with a carrier oil and then applied to the skin. Some bracelets and pendants are made to be used as diffusers and will contain one or more bead of lava, rudraksha or wood. You can then add a drop of essential oil to the lava bead or the rudraksha seed and the scent will be absorbed so it stays with you thought the day.

London Fog. This blend of essential oil has been made for stress relief, relaxation and grounding. It includes bergamot, lavender and vanilla. It is available in pure blend format to diffuse or as a roll-on to apply to the skin.

Root-to-Rise. This is a grounding and uplifting blend to help alleviate scattered energies. It includes spruce, cedarwood and a hint of patchouli. It is available in pure blend format to diffuse or as a roll-on to apply to the skin.

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