Gemstones for Money and Prosperity

Here are some stones that can help you enhance frequencies of prosperity, wealth and financial success.

You can keep these stones in your wallet, your purse, your business cash drawer, your penny jar, etc… Everywhere you keep cash or everything that is associated with money.

You could also make a little abundance altar in the wealth corner of your home. To find the wealth corner of your home you can use a Bagua Map. This is a way to combine the properties of gemstones with the principles of Feng Shui.

Gemstones to help you earn more money

citrine raw chunk

Citrinethis stone can help you acquire wealth and keep more of your money. It has been recommended to keep a citrine tumble or cluster inside a cash drawer to help a business. This would also be helpful to keep in a purse or a wallet. Citrine supports personal power, smart decisions, and creativity. It may help you in your business endeavors or affluence in the workplace.

Cinnabar – is also said to help you acquire wealth and keep more of your money. It has also been recommended to keep a piece of cinnabar inside a cash drawer to help a business.

Sunstone helps to alleviate fear and increase creativity and vitality. It is also said to bring luck and good fortune.

yellow raw topazTopaz this stone is also said to increase creativity as well as increasing confidence and trust in our decisions. It is a stone that works powerfully with the laws of manifestation by amplifying the intention and opening the channel of receptivity.

Gemstones to help you manage your money better

copper nuggetCopper – Can be helpful in recovering hidden or lost money and is said to bring luck. Placing an intention on recovering any money or property that is rightfully yours could bring a few surprises.

lapis lazuli close up

Lapis Lazuli – support organization of life and activities and the implementation of a routine. It also enhances awareness and objectivity. This could be helpful to maintain more order in your finance, to help you pay bills on time, and to control spending out of emotional imbalance.

moonstone tumble close up

Moonstone – Aid in the moving more peacefully with cycles and ups-and-downs of life. It helps ones to hope and wish and to receive what is desired in addition to what is needed. It facilitates the removal of obstacles and the fulfillment of one’s destiny. This stone would be helpful if you feel guilty about having desires or have difficulty receiving the gifts and support that are available.

ruby record keeper

Ruby – this stone has been a sign of nobility throughout times and in many regions. It is a token of wealth and prestige. It provides passion, stamina and the energy to change one’s situation. It brings stability in the area of finance and facilitates the manifestation process. This stone would be helpful to ride the economic cycles with faith, increase your sense of worthiness and light your inner fire which fuels the manifestation of desires.

Gemstones for business success

aventurine tumble close upAventurine – this gemstone enhances qualities such as creativity, innovation, and leadership.

Cinnabar – stimulates power and is said to be beneficial in recognizing trends. This gemstone would be helpful in business and investment endeavors. It is also potent in increasing and maintaining wealth and success. It alleviates the fear of failure and enhances the qualities of affluence, persuasion, and effectiveness.

garnet palmstone sphereGarnet is a stone that helps you implement your ideas and take action towards your pursuits. It enhances the qualities of patience, commitment, magnetism, and cooperation.

Creating a Wealth Altar

First, you must be clear about what wealth means to you and what exactly you would like to manifest. Having more money is not a clear goal, as you could find a penny on the ground and literally ‘have more money’.

Knowing exactly what you want money can help you focus your attention and intention on those exact things. I have found that just intending a certain number doesn’t bring the kind of focus that is required to bring forth what ones desire.

You may also receive what you want by means other than money. Focusing on what is needed and wanted opens up all kind of channels. You may wish to add symbols that represent those desires on your wealth alter. Symbols of travel, luxury, comfort, self-care, happiness are part of what wealth can bring.

What is important about your wealth alter is that you feel good about it when you look at it. If there are underlying emotions of envy, jealousy, resentment, anger, failure, etc… this is what will be amplified. You shouldn’t work with the principles of manifestation until you work on resolving your emotional state first.

For more information about creating an altar, read my previous article

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