When the holiday season rolls around, often sparks a renewed sense of generosity within us. It evokes our tendencies to share and give more readily than any other time of the year. Maybe it’s the robust scent of pine wafting from the Christmas trees, the twinkling lights, the magic of snow, the very essence of the natural world that surrounds us. It deadens awaiting to come alive again in spring, yet we draw light and love from it despite this.

moss agate and citrine

There is a natural and fine balance that occurs in nature as most organisms depend on each other in a form of symbiosis. Each being simply does their own thing, being who they are, without expecting something in return per say.


There is something so simple yet so profound in nature. I truly believe that most, if not all, answers can be found in nature. Contemplating on the spirit of giving, we can find that nature is the most giving of itself.


The sun gives its light and warmth uniformly even if different parts of the planet receive varying degrees of it. The plants and trees give us oxygen while taking what is undesirable for us and transforming it into life-giving energy.


Plants and trees also give flowers, fruits, and vegetables without expecting anything in return. Providing enough for us, the birds, the insects, and the Earth for continued growth and evolution.


The birds sing with beautiful melodies that are like a gift from the heavens while other animals give themselves with grace so that every species thrives. Some shelter one another. Others exchange resources.


I truly believe that if we give as nature does, it brings out our best. When we’re our true selves without trying to influence others or their perceptions of us; when we do what we love and share a gift without expecting anything in return; and when we give purely from a place of joy that’s free from social expectations, we are the mirror image of our sisters in nature.


The electromagnetic field produced by your heart amplifies and the amount of light being embodied from your soul increases, which expands your ability to bring in the resources needed to fulfill your intentions. In that expanded state, synchronistic alignment and convergence of energies occur more easily and effortlessly, bringing what is needed, oftentimes from unexpected sources.


The law of attraction states that what you give out, you will receive. However, the energy behind our thoughts and our actions is what dictates what we will receive, not the act of giving itself.


So it is important to reflect on the motives behind our giving. Are we giving because we expect something in return? What is our reaction if the value of the gifts we receive is less than what we have given? Are we trying to influence how others perceive us? Are we giving because it is expected?

Gemstones to instill a spirit of unconditional giving

To help you embody a state of pure magnanimity, I suggest using citrine and moss agate to draw it in.

citrine sphereCitrine can help increase the joy of giving and put you in a state that sustains and maintains abundance, so the flow is always replenished, no matter how much is shared. It dispels fear and promotes optimism and happiness.

tree agate palmstoneMoss agate, on the other hand, is a power stone connected with the elements of nature. It is said to bring equilibrium to the planet and help in the acquisition of wealth. It is also a gemstone that will increase the speed of the manifestation and can strengthen positive personality traits.

It is with these qualities that you will accomplish your quest for finding the root of joy in your holiday season and share it unto others.

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