There are many options when it comes to using gemstones and crystals for physical healing. However, please know that crystals won’t heal you or do the hard work for you. They can support your healing energetically, but one must look at all the factors affecting one’s health, including environment, lifestyle, unresolved emotions, mindset, toxins, physical imbalances, etc
Our body’s physical health is one of your greatest ally and often the one that is most neglected. Not only do we demand the most from our body, we also often neglect its needs (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).
We expect it to push through the demands of our lifestyle, which can include a high level of stress, nutrient-deficient foods, exposure to high levels of made-made electromagnetic fields and radiation, lack of sleep and downtime, etc.
And we criticize it if it doesn’t perform to the level we want, or can’t shed the extra pounds, or look the way we want it to.
It’s like having a best friend and treating it like you would an enemy and wondering why she’s not picking up your calls.

How’s your relationship with your body?

Improving the relationship you have with your body can have a direct positive impact on your physical health. Practice talking to your body in a more positive and uplifting way. You can also ‘check-in’ with your body on a regular basis what it needs to feel strong and optimal. You can easily do this by bringing your attention to your heart space and ask ‘What does my body need right now to be happy and healthy? Wait, take a deep breath and feel what is coming up in your thoughts, feelings, memories, desires… Then, follow up with the insight. At first, the little voice might be difficult to discern. However, the more you practice checking in with yourself, the easier it will become to know and hear the information.

Crystals for physical healing

To help you restore and enhance your relationship with your body, I suggest working with Shungite and Sunstone.
shungite merkaba starShungite helps to give up old habits of destructive thoughts. It also restores the energy field and revitalizes the body. You can add Shungite to your bath for a detoxing ritual or wear Shungite jewelry.
Shungite can reduce the effect of non-beneficial EMF field and radiation we are bathed in all day.
Sunstone cleanses the energy body and Chakra centers. It alleviates stress and increases the level of vitality. It is a gemstone that increases the level of joy and openness as well.
When the different aspects of the energy system are functioning optimally it is easier for the physical body to restore itself. If you are working towards improving your physical well-being, be sure to include energetic and emotional self-care as well to support your body fully. To go deeper and release energetic, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that are underlying your physical issues, you can see if working with me would be beneficial by reading more about my energy work here.
gemstones and crystals for physical health
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