Looking for gift ideas for ladies who love crystals?

Whether they love crystals and gemstones for their beautiful appearance or their healing properties, the women in your life will love these crystal gift ideas.

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It can get quite overwhelming when browsing through all the options of gemstones and shapes available. This list of crystal gift ideas can help you pick a gift according to her type. Pick her personality type and find a selection of ideas!

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In the end, every crystal lover is looking to expand her collection of stones. So, no matter what you get, you are sure to make her happy.

Crystal Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Likes To Travel

For the gal always talking about her next adventure and has a long list of places she has seen or would like to visit. To help with jet lag, synchronistic meetings and discoveries, as well as safe travels, I suggest Aquamarine, Malachite, Chalcedony, Jet, African Turquoise.

Gemstones Options For The Anxious Type

For the person who experiences chronic anxiety, worry and tension, or excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. I suggest Lepidolite, Tourmaline, Mookaite, Smoky Quartz.

Gift Ideas For The Entrepreneurial Type

For the person who has a side hustle, is self-employed, or likes to innovate. Gift them gemstones to help them think differently, make the right decisions, work smartly, have a prosperity mindset, and to communicate clearly. For a prosperous business, I suggest Pyrite, Citrine, Fluorite, Pietersite, Tiger Eye.

Gemstones For The Romantic Type

For the romantic who searches for deeper emotions and encourages others to get in touch with what is important to them. Romantics have a need to express themselves in their own unique way. They value compassion, self-expression, creativity, and some degree of drama! I suggest Rose Quartz, Shiva Shell, Spirit Quartz, Desert Jasper, and Ruby.

Gift Ideas For The Witchy Type

For the one who wants to connect deeply with the Earth, who enjoy working with the moon phases, or fill her life with magic and meaningful symbols. I suggest a smudging bundle, a selenite plate to cleanse her gemstones, an Agate coaster for a mini altar, a pendulum for divination, or a Chakra set for healing.

Metaphysical Gifts For The Yoga Lover

Looking for a gift for someone who loves yoga? These items will help continue their practice off the mat, by bringing calm and peace. These gemstones are all about balance and spirituality. I suggest Ohana Malas, Selenite wand to cleanse her energy field, an Amethyst heart, a Palo Santo bundle.


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