Crystals & Gemstones For Sale

We carry a large selection of curated minerals in raw and polished form. We are always sourcing unique and high-quality products. All crystals and gemstones for sale in the boutique are cleansed and blessed on a regular basis.

healing crystals and gemstones for saleHere are some of what we carry:

– Lots of raw specimens, clusters, towers, and spheres
– Over 45 variety of tumbled gemstones
– Over 15 types of small points, great for building crystal grids
– Large selection of Shungite items for EMF protection, including cell phone plate, pendants, bracelet, and Elite Shungite
– Crystals for home decor, including gemstone candle holders, Agate coasters, larger Amethyst geodes, crystal clusters, and large zeolites
– Healing wands and Chakra sets
– Unique gifts such as Quartz rollers, Raku pottery dream jars and medallions, and jewelry holders
– Mala necklaces, gemstone pendants, and bracelets
– Pendulums
– Palo Santo stick and sage smudge sticks
– Organic herbal teas
– Gently used books

Some of our products can also be purchased online. Click here to shop online.

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