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You have just filled out the booking form. Here is what to expect :

1 – You will receive the disclaimer for you to sign

2 – In the same message, you will be able to pay for your sessions

3 – Once everything is signed and paid for, I will send you a message with my upcoming availabilities.

We work either in person or remotely. Most people prefer to work with me remotely. This allows you to go on with your day and your busy schedule. You do not need to come in person. You do not even need to meditate or relax while I work on you, unless you really want to. The healing unfolds over a period of 3 to 7 days.

I send you the notes once I finish the session for you to review. There is nothing you need to do, unless I give you a little homework.

I usually schedule one session per week, unless you need extra processing time. Then, the sessions may be every 2 weeks.

What happens after a session

Often time, the shifts and healing that happen also affect different and other areas of life than what people originally came to see me for. Know that the healing I provide happens in many different ways and over a considerable amount of time. Just be open and aware of to all subtle shifts and effects.

Some people do experience some side effects such as being more emotionally sensitive and having more intense dreams. Sometimes it may feel like you are worst than before. However, this is just the processing of emotions that can take a couple of days. Drinking lots of water helps this process.

It’s important to observe what comes up, without engaging all those emotions again. They will pass. The most important thing you can do is to let go of any judgment you hold of yourself and of those emotions / situations.

This processing time is when we are often internally directed to change some aspect of our life or of our thinking process, or do some conscious work such as forgiveness and wrapping up unfinished business. If you feel prompted to do something or change something, please follow your inner guidance.

In case you are taking medication and feel that your dosage needs to be adjusted, please seek the advice of your physician. Do not change your medication without consulting your doctor. I am not a licensed physician and cannot provide advice or suggestion in regards to your medication.

Also, I am not a trained counselor or coach and do not offer ‘talk therapy’. If the information provided during the healing is too difficult to process or your own, I suggest you seek the guidance of a professional counselor or psychologist.

You can optimize your healing sessions with me by:

  • Keeping a journal of the changes you notice. The ah-ahs, the emotions that surfaced, the clarity that occurs, the way people respond to you differently or how you respond differently to people and your environment.
  • Communicating with me between sessions. I like knowing what has shifted or not and where you are at, so I can focus on the most optimal areas every time. This is especially important if we do distant healing.
  • Not analyzing the notes too much. If they don’t make sense at first, it’s best to let it go. Healing is not a left- brain process. You can find my metaphysical lexicon here to learn more about the different types of energy I might have shared with you :

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What people have reported

‘Amelie has amazing intuitive abilities that helped me tremendously. I must say I was somewhat skeptical before our session but experienced great results almost immediately. I highly recommend Amelie. A true professional!’ – Judi

‘It has been an interesting 24 hours. I did not read the notes until late last night, so the sensation of feeling lighter I experienced during the day before I read your notes felt uninfluenced and natural. The fact that you released energies that I could look back and connect actual experiences to was very validating to the process. Thanks,’ – Connie

‘I have noticed I do not feel guilty for doing what is best for me. Sticking up for myself is easier and I feel better and sleep better as well.’ – Anonymous