This lexicon is to provide simple explanations of the energies that may be brought up during my work with clients. This is by no mean a comprehensive or exact description of these energies.

My intention with this short lexicon is to pique your curiosity, help you stay open to other possibilities and dispel fear.

I wanted an easy & plain enough way to express what comes through in a session and a way to help people understand the notes I provide, in case you are completely new to the realm of energy.


Acupuncture meridians – Lines that runs within the body and distribute energy to different parts of the body. When these lines are obstructed it can affect the functioning of glands, organs, and many different systems.

Allergy – Over reaction to an element (which can also include emotions, thoughts & ideas) that feels threatening to the health or well-being.

Acquired energy – Emotions, beliefs and other types of energies that have been absorbed from other people or the environment.

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Aura (or Auric field) – The life energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the body. The energy matrix structure upon which cells grow. The auric field comes before the physical body. An imbalance in the Auric field will eventually cause a problem in the physical body. – Barbara Brennan.


Chakras – Looks like a vortex and act as an energy organ that intakes and metabolize the universal energy field that surrounds us. There are 7 major chakras and many minors chakras. The Chakras are connected to the specific glands and organs, as well as the Aura and support the functioning of the Aura and of the physical body.

Curse – Type of negative energy that is or has been directed at something or someone with the intention of causing harm or misfortune. Usually fuelled by feelings of anger and vengeance.

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Dowsing – Dowsing is a way to access information that is not necessarily available to the rational mind and receiving the information in the form of a ‘yes’/’no’.

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Electromagnetic Field – An electrical field created by every organism of the body, mainly the heart and the brain. The health of the electromagnetic field of the heart and the brain are very important in protecting against noxious energy and in experiencing more positive emotions. You can read more about the electromagnetic field on the HeartMath Institute website.

Emotion Trapped – Trapped emotions are unprocessed emotions that haven’t been felt, expressed or allowed – or that are constantly stirred up. They remain in our body and cause disharmony by taxing the physical body and fuelling subconscious beliefs.

Emotion Ball – This is when two or three emotions are felt at the same time and remained unprocessed.

Emotions Nest of – A nest of emotions is an agglomeration of trapped emotions of mainly the same type. However, it can also include 2 to 3 similar types of emotions. It creates an attracting factor to even more of those kinds of emotions.

Emotional Resonance – This is when our body start attuning itself to a certain emotion(s) that is either coming from someone else or the environment.

Energy Cords – Energy links that can bind people, places and objects together and through which life force and information such as emotions and beliefs can be transferred.

Entity – A being that is non-physical. There are many different types of entities. Some of which are beings that haven’t transitioned into higher spheres of consciousness after the death of their form and remained earth-bound.


Heart-Wall – A protective barrier made up of unprocessed emotions that is built subconsciously to protect the person from pain. However, it also limits to a certain extent the full experience of love, joy and happiness. – Terminology from by Dr. Bradley Nelson


Intention – A focused desire to create an effect, a change, or a specific outcome.

Inherited imbalances – Beliefs, emotions and other energetic imbalances that have been passed down from your parents or other generations.

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Karma – The accumulation of all the actions taken on the soul journey’s that creates reactions or effect.


Metaphysical – That which cannot be perceived with the 5 common senses. That which exist, but is not tangible.


Noxious Energy – A type of energy or combination of energies that is disruptive when in contact with over an extended period of time. These can be of environmental, man-made, psychic or cosmic in nature. These energies can affect the environment, the space we live and work in, as well as our energy field/body.


Other Life (past-life, future life, parallel life) – A lot of research is emerging regarding other lives as well as changing our understanding of time. Often time, physical pain, allergies, and emotional patterns in our current life have underlying traumas connected to other experiences outside of our current life. (You can read more on past-life research in ‘Return to Life’ by Jim Tucker, psychiatrist at University of Virginia)


Post-Hypnotic Program – A belief or thought that has been programmed into the mind consciously or unconsciously, and which filters and direct our life experience.


Saboteur – A conscious or unconscious thought that is directed at someone in order to bring about a negative experience. This comes mainly from feelings of jealousy, anger, resentment and despair. In order for the recipient to take on this energy, beliefs such as ‘not being good enough’, ‘not deserving’, etc. must be active.

Spirit – The life force within everything

Soul – For me, it is the individuated spark of source energy. As in, we are all part of the same source, bringing different facets to light and to experience. It is an essence that has a certain qualities & depth and which is indescribable.

Soul Fragmented – When the spirit dissociates (leaves the body) in order to go through a difficult or traumatic event (at the physical, emotional and spiritual level). It can result in what is called ‘soul loss’, taking vital energy, memories and a part of our wholeness with it.

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Subconscious Belief – A judgment ingrained in our being that filters and directs our life and experiences according to its rule.

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Subtle Organizing Energy Fields – The unified field of intelligence that seeks to bring everything in balance, order, and cohesion within all life.


Thought Forms – Thought Forms are mental thoughts/beliefs that have been ingrained by repetition and fuelled by strong emotions. They start to ‘take a life of their own’ and can imprint the environment and space.

Thought Pattern Negative – A negative thought pattern is a way of understanding and reacting to the world from a certain skewed perspective.


Vows – A promise to live in accordance with a specific rule. Unless broken, vows continue on life after life. Vows can be at the conscious or subconscious level.

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