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Invasive Energies Clearing

What are invasive energies

Invasive energies are external dynamics that influence and weaken a person’s health, immune system and overall well-being. Not only do they cause physical pain and health issues, but they can also wreak havoc on relationships and be a source of depression. These types of influential forces can come from the earth itself, from man-made technology or from the realm beyond our five senses.

Some places also hold memories from decades ago to even hundreds and thousands of years back. Land disturbances caused by development can also change the balance and harmony of the ecosystem which negatively impacts the region, neighbouring homes, and businesses.

Emotional energy often travels within underground waterways and metal pipes which can become trapped in your home or your energy field. This can exacerbate your own emotions and create conflicts with interpersonal dynamics and relationships.

Energies are dynamic and can come in quickly through sudden trauma but may also accumulate over time from chronic stresses. For some, the resulting symptoms may not always be felt immediately.
Often times, it may be difficult to see the effects that invasive energies have on our physical aches and pains or lack of energy and how they may be brought about by a change in circumstances such as a recent move to a new home or a change of working environment.

In the home, invasive energies can affect different family members to varying degrees. Just because some members are suffering more than others, doesn’t mean that these energies are not negatively affecting everyone. Everyone has different degrees of sensitivity and resonance to these energies. The best thing for everyone is to remove these invasive energies that don’t belong there.

What are the common symptoms

Although not everyone has the same experiences, here is a list of common symptoms:

  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of energy
  • Weak immune system prone to frequent illnesses
  • Confusion, incoherent thinking and difficulty concentrating
  • Cold spots or chills around the house
  • A sense of being watched or followed
  • Uncharacteristic changes in attitude and habits
  • Misfortunes and endless setbacks
  • Arguments and difficult relationship dynamics
  • Depression, moodiness and dark thoughts

How to work with me

If you resonate with any of this information or experience a few of these symptoms, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in your own home, you may want to consider that invasive energies may be an issue.

This may seem unsettling or even unlikely, but these problems are quite common.
Feel free to fill out the form below to receive a free intuitive scan of your home.

I offer 2 options for working with me. However, because the length it takes to uncover and clear these energies greatly varies from one home to the next, you may require more than 1 session.

1 – A clearing of energies that can be done under 1.5 hours, including post-scanning 5 to 7 days following the clearing. $250, includes a simple report

2 – A clearing of energies up to 4 hours, including post-scanning 5 to 7 days following the clearing. You will need to provide the floor plan of all the floors of your home as well as property. $500, including a detailed report

What types of energies do I work on?

  • Spirits, entities, ghosts, etc...
  • Attachments, energetic cords and entanglements
  • Thought forms
  • Malignant energies
  • Cold spots or chills around the house
  • Curses, spells, black magic (although mostly not understood in Western countries, many cultures in the world still use these practices)
  • Psychic attacks
  • Earth energies and geopathic stress
  • Underground water

What is the difference between an invasive clearing session and regular healing session?

The invasive energies session covers your home and other family members that may be affected by the dynamics of the space. The invasive energies session also cover more intricate and toxic energies than regular sessions.

The regular sessions are geared toward your personal unresolved energies and emotions, past-life imprints, beliefs, etc…


It’s a sobering fact that most people are infected with one or more earthbound spirits and/or dark entities and they don’t even know it. These invisible entities can be thought of as the bacteria or virus that cause their hosts a variety of emotional, mental and physical problems which defy easy conventional medical solutions. People who abuse drugs, alcohol or suffer from depression are most vulnerable to “infections” by these entities which can cause an irreversible downward spiral. Our young adult son who suffered from a mild depression was vulnerable to infections by earthbound spirits and dark entities. We observed the deterioration of his mental state from a very sweet, caring young person to someone who was verbally abusive and exhibiting violent tendencies. His mind was under increasing influence from these entities which were inciting hate towards members of the family. He was being tormented more and more by these entities. Fortunately, we found Amelie at the right time. After one long session, she was able to repair his aura and rid him of these entities. We observed an immediate calm in him after the session and in the subsequent days, his mental state of mind became normal again. What a relief. No drugs or mental institution would have been able to help him. Amelie also retrieved fragments of his soul. He is now in a better emotional shape than ever before. We can’t thank Amelie enough for the work she did in ridding him of these entities. I encourage anyone whose relatives suffer from depression and/or drug/alcohol abuse to get help from this very Amelie right away before things get worse.  It’s definitely a good investment to rid yourself of unwanted “invisible” negative influences. – Hai, Vancouver

I had a few sessions to clean up issues that bugged me for years, and Amelie did a great job. She could adress the exactly root of the cause and remove the whole structure.

You can even feel it right away, like a huge stone that is leaving your chest…

Thank you so much , you are Great!!! – Katarina, Germany