Free Crystal Intuitive Reading​

Chakra Reading & Crystal Selection

A Chakra & crystal selection reading will help discover your most imbalanced Chakras, including a counter-productive pattern and a few underlying factors. I will also provide you with a list of your top 5 most supportive gemstones.

We all have a unique energy field that responds differently to each crystal and gemstone.

I believe that working with the right crystal or gemstone can really support your healing journey.

For a  10-15 minute consultation you may drop by the store (you might want to call first to make sure that I am in and able to do the reading). Reading is $20. Please note that the reading is done in store and may not be 100% private.

If you are ordering online, you may want to purchase a personalized reading & crystal mystery box. You won’t receive a reading but I will connect to your name and select the most beneficial gems for you. This service is free as I will send the same value in gemstones as your selected purchase.

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