Energy Healing for New and Expecting Mothers

Expecting a baby is both an exciting and nerve wracking phase of life. As a soon-to-be mother, you want to do everything within your power to provide the best environment for a healthy birth and postpartum.

Maybe this isn’t your first pregnancy, but you’re passionate about creating a loving and healthy experience for both you and your baby.

My daughter is no longer small, but I remember well the stress of expecting and bringing into the world this little fragile bundle.

I certainly didn’t want to pass on my emotional wounds or struggles to my child. And I know you feel the same.

Before your baby comes earthside is the perfect time to heal unresolved issues and traumas from your past. Create the best birthing and bonding experience possible for yourself and your child, and leave your unresolved emotions behind.

I am pleased to announce I now offer energy clearing for new or expecting mothers. Gift yourself and your baby the peace and harmony you both deserve.

Here are some examples of what we can work through and clear during a session:

  • Inherited energies and family patterns
  • Conception energies → negatively charged imprinted energies from mother and father at the time of conception
  • Lack of parental bonding → with your own parent or with your child
  • Trauma at birth → conscious or unconscious traumas from your own birth (not having been wanted at birth, long and difficult birth, difficulty feeding/latching, medical traumas such as isolation, medical procedures, etc..)
  • Reduce anxiety and fear about the upcoming birth
  • Shame and guilt for wanting a different gender than what you are expecting
  • Past traumas and unresolved energies about past birth experience(s)
  • Unresolved emotions from miscarriage(s) or stillbirth
  • Unresolved emotions from past abortion(s)
  • Reducing the nagging highly self-critical voice in your mind
  • Alleviating / eliminating postpartum depression


We can be a good fit :

  • You prefer natural methods of healing over conventional, unless when necessary
  • You chose to work with a midwife and/or doula
  • You are wanting to let go of the past and of resentment, but may not know how
  • You want to feel at peace with yourself and your decisions and not worry about what others are doing or what they may think


What this service is NOT:

This is not a birth preparation class. I won’t be teaching you physical birthing methods or emotional coping methods for the birth itself.

This is not a birthing plan session. I won’t approach anything related to the medical aspect of pregnancy.

This is not a coaching service to help you navigate how to take care of a newborn.

This is not talk therapy or counselling. We are not going to be talking about these wounds and traumas together. I will bring you awareness to what is unresolved within you and peel those layers away, but cannot guide you should you wish to talk about what might be brought up.


How are the sessions done?

Sessions are done remotely, using distance healing. Notes of what was cleared and worked on are sent after each session.

For more information about energy healing, click here. For testimonials of past clients, click here.


Booking sessions :