Thulite Tumble

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Thulite is a type of Zoisite and is sometimes called Rosaline. Supports love, compassion, joy, happiness and serenity. Helps us to better understand the emotional trauma caused by lack of nurturing, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Assists in lessening the low self-esteem and low self-image that is often related to these experiences. Encourages us to let go of what has not been accepted.

It also allows the ability to separate, examine, and integrate the duality aspect of one’s nature. And to view these aspects with logic and love. It also provides guidance as to how to correct the aspects that are detrimental to one’s life. Helps to reduce aimlessness, vanity and conceit.

Especially supportive to heal a broken heart and all unresolved emotional wounds. Supports your self-healing journey

Chakras : Heart Chakra

Related astrological signs : Taurus and Gemini

Mineralogy : Variety of Zoisite

These tumbles are medium

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