Throat Chakra Bracelet Set

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This set contains a 4mm bracelet of Sodalite, Aquamarine, and Labradorite

Promotes self-honesty and the ability to communicate one’s needs and desires clearly and without guilt. To discover your purpose & take action from inspired thoughts and intuition

On the physical level, helps with throat and dental issues, TMJ, neck pain

Sodalite : Enhances creativity, truth, and ideals. It helps with communication and dissipates guilt. Increases consciousness and idealism. Excellent for development of psychic abilities and intuition.

Aquamarine : Brings clarity & courage. Helps to overcome the fear of speaking & to speak clearly & with conviction. Enhances reasoning & learning process. Allows for deep exploration of the Soul & discovery of hidden meanings of reality. Lessens rigidity & judgment, supports compassion & tolerance. Connected with the element of water. Encourages one to be prepared at all times.

Labradorite : Powerful stone to enhance all physic abilities and spiritual gifts. Aids accessing & exploring the Akashic Records and hidden realms. Protects the Aura from negative energy & can recharge your subtle energy field. Increase synchronicity.

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