Third Eye Bracelet Set

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Includes a 4mm bead bracelet of AmethystFluorite Howlite

The Third Eye Chakra is related to higher perception and is the aspect of wisdom. It has a need for truth, communication and higher self-expression.

Someone with an underactive third eye chakra can have a lack of focus, vision or direction, or an inability to imagine or visualize

An overactive third eye chakra can experience chronic headaches, nightmares, delusions,
obsessive, and difficulty turning off extra-sensory perception

This third eye bracelet combination promotes intuition and aspiration, vision and focus, balanced state of mind and thoughts.

On the physical level, it can help with headache, nightmares, poor memory, fatigue, eye/vision issues.

Chakras : Third Eye Chakra


Amethyst : Allows one to be more serene & aware. Stimulating impartiality, sense of judgment, constructive thinking & acting. Helps to overcome pain, grief & loss. Supportive when working on addiction issues. Overall, helps alleviate stress from overactive mental processes. Good for nightmares.

Fluorite : Promotes flexibility, discernment, detachment & impartiality in situations. Enhances clarity, concentration & decision-making. Restores organization & order to what is chaotic & disruptive. Helps to manifest your life’s purpose. Good physic shield. Encourages a superior ideal of physical, mental & emotional well-being.

Howlite : Promotes conscious control of one’s actions and aid in taking control of one’s life. It combines the power of reasoning with patience, awareness, and purity of character. It brings a sense of calmness, reduces anger and offensive behaviors. It can be very good for children having temper tantrums. It is also very beneficial to reduce nightmares.

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