Sleep Well Bracelet Set

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This sleep well bracelet set contains a 4mm bracelet of Howlite – Green Aventurine – Smoky Quartz – Amethyst

Helps to release tension and stress. Brings tranquility and serenity to the mind and promotes restful sleep. Wards off nightmares and protects from external influences. healing gemstone bracelet for better sleep

Howlite : Promotes conscious control of one’s actions and aid in taking control of one’s life. It combines the power of reasoning with patience, awareness, and purity of character. It brings a sense of calmness, reduces anger and offensive behaviors. It is also very beneficial to reduce nightmares.

Green Aventurine : Green Aventurine allows one to be more ‘easy going’. It ables one to see different alternatives and possibilities. It can also help with anger, nervousness, anxious thoughts, stress and sleep disorders.

Smoky Quartz : Releases tension and helps with stress. It brings strength and stability by grounding physically and spiritually. Also transmutes negative energy and shields from psychic attacks. And helps to connect with the power of the Earth.

Amethyst : Allows one to be more serene & tranquil. Overall, helps alleviate stress from overactive mental processes. Good for nightmares.

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