Shungite Pyramid

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Shungite promotes achievement and helps to overcome fear of loss and isolation. It helps to give up old habits of destructive thoughts. It reduces electrostress effects. And restores the energy field, aura and revitalizes the body.

On the physical level, it boosts digestion, metabolism and cleanses the intestine.

Shungite has a unique structure comprised of fullerenes, which is an extremely rare chemical bond of atoms of carbon. Fullerenes are believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants that shield our bodies from the effects of free radicals and other negative and harmful influences in our environment. The spherical molecules of fullerene in shungite make it one of the most effective means of personal protection, healing and water purifying. Elite Shungite is the type of shungite with the highest amount of carbon, so it has the largest amount of fullerenes and thus is the most effective type.

Related Chakras : Root Chakra

Mineralogy: coal in oil shale

These Shungite pyramids are approximately 1.5 inch tall by 2 inch wide and create an energy field with a radius of about 2,8 m (9,2 feet) of protection from electromagnetic fields. It is also able to purify 500 ml of water.

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