Selenite Harmonizers

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Selenite cleanses the energy field and emotional body. It helps you connect with Spirit Guides. Selenite can support dream recollection & understanding. And is also a great mineral to charge and enhance other crystals.

On the energetic level, it helps with aura cleaning and repairing.

These Selenite harmonizers help with energy flow and balance. Hold one rod in each hand. Bring your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Hold for 3 to 5 min (gradually up to 15 min) 2x/day. Take a one day break every week.

Related Chakras : Crown Chakra

Related Astrological Signs : Taurus

Mineralogy: gypsum

You will receive a pair of Selenite harmonizers (2 rods). Each one measures approximately 4 inch tall by 1.75 inch diameter.

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