Selenite Bowl

$ 45.00

  • USD: 34.91$

Selenite cleanses the energy field and emotional body. It helps you connect with Spirit Guides. Selenite can support dream recollection & understanding. And is also a great mineral to charge and enhance other crystals.

Rapidly shifts blocked energy, clear away negative energy and lessen, or remove, emotional turmoil and confusion. Supports concentration and clear thinking, provides clarity of mind and strengthens your own decision-making process. It can make you much more aware of things – on all levels – helps you to better understand situations around you and also helps you to reach the correct judgment in disputes.

On the energetic level, it helps with aura cleaning and repairing.

These Selenite bowls are perfect for cleansing your tumbles, worry stones, palmstones, small spheres, bracelets, and pendants. Place your gemstones in the bowl overnight and it will dissolve the energies that have saturated your stones.

Related Chakras : Crown Chakra

Related Astrological Signs : Taurus

Mineralogy: gypsum

The Selenite bowls measure approximately 4 inch wide.