Scolecite Pendant

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Scolecite promotes cohesion and spiritual transformation. It is a strong stone to aid in communication, especially with spirit. It helps to awaken the heart, facilitates calmness, deep inner peace and acceptance of life.

It is said that if this stone is exchanged between lovers, then a permanent connection will exist between their hearts forever. Scolecite furthers our sense of team spirit and helps to bring success to group efforts. It helps us to see patterns and connections and offers us the ability to pull these together, whether that may be connections in a group, networking with people, working with different crystals to make a cohesive group of crystals. It brings all of our loose and stray thoughts pulled together for a single purpose. Scolecite helps us to take control of our lives and to live life as we wish it. It also assists us when we need to get to the root of any problem so that it may be resolved.

On the physical level, it sharpens hearing, strengthens the bones and kidneys.

Mineralogy: fibrous zeolite

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