Schalenblende Pendant

$ 65.00$ 80.00

  • USD: 65.00$ - 80.00$

Schalenblende promotes peace where it is placed, bringing communication and understanding between people who may not be highly agreeable. Can also help with synchronistic encounters with others you may be looking to connect with.

Provides protection and power while walking into other realms and realities and doing Shamanic work. Highly protective against non-beneficial energies and helps one to remain grounded to the Earth. It assists in the recognition of deceit and treachery and helps to recognize any danger in a situation.

It also supports the discernment of psychic information and allows for the distinction between fraudulent and genuine information. It can assist one with the growth of their intuitive abilities after releasing any feeling of inferiority.

Related astrological signs : Gemini

Mineralogy : variety of Sphalerite, often with inclusions of Galena and Marcasite

High-quality Schalenblende cabochon in 925 sterling silver setting