Sacral Chakra Bracelet Set

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Includes a 4mm bead bracelet of HematiteGarnetSunstone

The Sacral Chakra is related to interpersonal relationships and is the aspect of feelings. It has a need for sexuality, creativity, desire
and self-expression.

Someone with an underactive sacral chakra can hold a fear of feeling emotions, a lack of creativity, low libido, and/or feel isolated

An overactive sacral chakra can be overly emotional, experience lust or excess sexual energy, energy depletion, obsession, and/or be manipulative.

This bracelet combination helps to have balanced and managed emotions, to be calmer, more creative, and passionate

On the physical level, helps with constipation, bladder and fertility & menstrual issues, lower back pain, sexual dysfunctions

Chakras : Sacral Chakra


Hematite : Promotes strength & endurance. Helps ones to achieve their plan in spite of obstacles & enhances concentration & focus. Stone of divination & can help release your self-imposed limitations & discover your unique gifts. Boosts self-esteem, confidence & will power. Helps to draw illness from the body & promotes self-healing. Beneficial in times of anxiety.

Garnet: Increases powers of resistance and willpower. Brings insights and helps one’s ideas, even against great resistance. Allows to contemplate, to access truth & integrate it in accordance with the higher self & the universal will. Also transmutes negative energies into beneficial ones. Enhances creativity & sexual energy. Stimulates physical vitality.

Sunstone: Enhances optimism to increase personal power and to dissipate fear, depression and anxiety. It restores joy, warmth, openness and promotes self-care. Can increase opportunities for promotion and leadership. Good stone for business success.

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