Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Pendulums are a divination tool. Get access to a wealth of information not readily available to your rational mind. Clear your mind, focus on your heart space, then ask for a movement for ‘yes’ / ask for a movement for ‘no’.

Each pendulum also comes with a chart of scales (yes and no, A-Z, 1 to 10, -10 to +10, mild to severe)

Rose Quartz encourages sensitivity, receptivity, and compassion. It also heightens clarity, harmony, happiness, and love. It helps to heal emotions and personal relationships, as well as sexual difficulties. It opens the Heart Chakra to all forms of love: including self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It is the stone needed to establish a fundamental attunement to the energy of love.

On the physical level, it harmonizes the heartbeat, strengthens the sexual organs and supports fertility.

Related Chakras : Heart Chakra

Related astrological signs : Taurus and Libra

Mineralogy: pink-colored quartz

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