Raw Kyanite in Fuchsite

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Kyanite in Fuchsite contains the properties of both minerals

Kyanite helps with healing & communication. It brings tranquility and peace and reduces anger and frustration. It can alleviate confusion, indecision, and hesitancy in order to move forward with more ease. It is a great mineral to use for spiritual growth & the development of psychic abilities. It will also facilitate meditation, working with spirit helpers, and dream recall. Kyanite will also align the Chakras and helps to develop the Third Eye Chakra.

Fuchsite helps to bounce back after a tense or stressful situation (emotional or physical). It enhances self-esteem and helps strengthen the will when recovering from trauma. It can help to understand the different issues related to your interaction with others. It can help to break the bonds of co-dependency. Fuchsite is helpful to bring awareness to your physical health, including your daily routine, your job and level of stress, and how it affects your well-being. It can amplify the energy of other crystals when used in healing.

Chakras : Heart, Throat & Third Eye Chakra

These raw chunks measure approximately 3 inch x 3inch /7.7cm x 7.5 cm

From Kariba, Zimbabwe. This is a very rare mineral batch from a very inaccessible region of Africa.

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