Quantum Quattro

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Quantum Quattro helps to open one’s heart and heal unresolved emotional wounds. Supports self-awareness and personal power by taking responsibility for one’s feelings and actions. Provide inner strength and guidance.

Assists with healing past trauma caused by grief and can unlock the associated pain from the body’s energy fields and cells.

Chrysocolla: Eases emotional pain, heartache & restores a loving heart. Also draws out guilt and brings in more joy. Helps with clear expression and communication. Supports self-awareness & personal power. Releases blockages of repressed negative emotions & provides inner strength in times of prolonged stress. Beneficial stone for women.

Malachite: Opens one’s heart to unconditional love, increases empathy. Supports change & spiritual advancement. Stimulates intuition, guidance & insight through the power of imagination. Helps with making decisions & taking responsibility for one’s thoughts & feelings. Clears past unwanted influences. Helps the healing of sexual difficulties. Stabilize mood swings.

Quartz: Provides clarity, neutrality and amplifies the properties of the gemstones combined with Quartz.

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Each moon is unique, you will receive a moon similar to the one pictured here. Material is from Peru.

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