Opening Psychic Skills Bracelet Set

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This Opening Psychic Skills bracelet set contains a 4mm bracelet of Clear Quartz – Angelite – Sodalite – Moonstone

Helps you connect to your Higher Self and higher realms. Brings clarity, higher intuition & wisdom. Helps to open and develop the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Clear Quartz : Promotes clarity & neutrality by gaining greater awareness. Improves perception and memory. Helps to connect to the higher self and spirit realm. Highly programmable. Amplifies energy, thoughts & the effects of other gemstones. As it does both absorb & amplify, it is important to cleanse this crystal on a regular basis.

Angelite : Clears & enhance higher Chakras (Throat, Third eye, Crown). Brings clarity, higher intuition & wisdom & helps you connect with higher realms. Helps to dispel anger, fear & anxiety & turn those emotions into faith. Allows to speak your truth more easily.

Sodalite : Enhances creativity, truth, and ideals. It helps with communication and dissipates guilt. Calms the mind from neuroses and irrational thoughts. Increases consciousness and idealism. Helps to provide us with a new outlook on life Excellent for development of psychic abilities and intuition.

Moonstone : Helps to bring light to your mental and spiritual life. Increases intuition & connects to your Higher Power to receive spiritual guidance. Helps you get in touch with your emotions. Stone of wisdom, comfort & power. Helpful when starting something new as it helps to understand & manage cycles.

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