Prosperity Gemstone Kit

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Includes: Pyrite Pyramid – Green Aventurine Tumble – Raw Citrine – Raw Orange Aventurine – Copper Pendant

Stones of wealth, good luck & fortune. Help us to manifest exciting new possibilities by activating the personal will and manifestation abilities. Ground your intention into the physical plane. Stimulate creativity and attract money.

Pyrite instills self-recognition. It is a powerful protective stone and deflects negative energies and helps to maintain one’s power. It increases vitality, ambition, and support people to generate wealth by taking action and overcoming their fears. It also brings up to the surface suppressed memories and reveals the cause of certain conditions. Pyrite helps you see the underlying agenda and intentions of who and what is presented.

Green Aventurine allows one to be more ‘easy going’. It is an excellent stress relieving stone, soothing our mind, and calming both anger and irritation. It reduces anxiety and fear and helps us to “look on the bright side” when faced with problems caused by life’s ups and downs.

It stimulates creativity, enhances intelligence and attracts money. It can also help with nervousness, anxious thoughts, stress and sleep disorders.

Citrine instills self-assurance. It also promotes an abundance of spirit, joy and confidence. It supports generosity and accumulation of wealth. And it enhances success by stimulating the mind, including creativity, as well as motivation, self-worth and optimism.

Orange Aventurine is a stone of good luck & fortune. Helps to manifest exciting new possibilities by activating the personal will and manifestation abilities. Grounds your intention into the physical plane. Also helps to quiet the critical and judgmental inner voice.

Copper is a highly conductive and stimulative metal, it assists in energy and facilitates the healing process. It can help relieve rheumatism. It can relieve lethargy and passivity. Copper allows us to become much more aware of our own unconscious thoughts and of how these thoughts may shape our emotions. It helps you recognize the barriers and limitations which has been self-imposed or in the way of growth.

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