Onyx Pendulum

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Pendulums are a divination tool. Get access to a wealth of information not readily available to your rational mind. Clear your mind, focus on your heart space, then ask for a movement for ‘yes’ / ask for a movement for ‘no’.

Each pendulum also comes with a chart of scales (yes and no, A-Z, 1 to 10, -10 to +10, mild to severe)

Onyx pendulum promotes self-assertion and boosts confidence. It helps you become at ease in your environment. It improves rational thinking, control, and reasoning. It is a good option for people with great mental or emotional stress or issues in the workplace. It is also a stone of happiness, good fortune, and strength. It enhances stamina and vitality.

Related Chakras : Root Chakra

Related astrological signs : Gemini and Leo

Mineralogy: black chalcedony

Every pendulum is unique.

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