Octava Atlantis Pendant

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Wear the Octava symbol to attract prosperity and money good luck.

This unique amulet pendant based on Atlantis symbolism is for those looking to increase their monetary status or other forms of material goods. It is known as a symbol for the achievements of dreams to do with wealth and abundance.

Among the symbols known today, the closest to Octava would be the last letter of the Greek alphabet – Omega and its ‘younger sister’ the letter ‘Q’. No wonder “Q” in numerology represents the number 8 – Prosperity, Abundance, and Success in Business.

In Medieval Europe, the Octava symbol was used on the cloak that noble women would throw on the head of condemned men to save their lives.

The Octava symbol, kept hidden for centuries, has now come into the spotlight, enabling everyone to benefit from its amazing and powerful shape.

Made of sterling silver

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