Nuummite Tumble

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Nuummite (also spelled Nuummite, Nuumite, Nummite) promotes resilience and self-empowerment. One of the oldest stones on Earth. It is a powerful stone to assist in Shamanic Journeying and in working with Earth elements. It is a powerful gemstone associated with magick and deep spiritual growth, and should be used with the right intent. It may help you awaken your latent metaphysical abilities. It also increases synchronistic events and luck. It is very grounding and can also reduce tension and stress and helps with sleep.

On the physical level, it helps with nerves, kidneys and ears problems.

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Related astrological signs : Not associated with a zodiac sign

Mineralogy: anthophyllite gedrite schist

The size of these tumbles is medium. Approximately the size of a nickel.

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