Multicolored Calcite Point

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Multicolored Calcite amplifies energy and is useful for clearing and aligning the Chakras (and the environment). Calcite promotes a sense of stability and teaches us to trust in our own judgment and to overcome challenges and setbacks. It is an energy amplifier, particularly effective against laziness. It helps us to put our ideas into action and makes us more successful.

Calcite helps to recall information and would be beneficial to remember dreams and insights acquired during meditation or astral travel. Calcite also helps to remember the state of perfect health during illness. It is a mineral that encourages greater awareness and harmony.

On the physical level, it is beneficial for the kidneys, pancreas, and the spleen. It can also assist with the assimilation of calcium in the body.

Related Chakras : Heart Chakra

Related astrological signs : Cancer

Mineralogy: calcium carbonate

Every point is unique and varies in size.

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