Moqui Marbles

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Moqui marbles (also called Moqui balls, Shaman stones, Navajo berries, Boji stones). This male-female pair of high vibrating stones supports deep spiritual growth, healing and the releasing of deep-seated fears. It provides strong protection while doing out-of-body exercise or shamanic journeying and prevents entity attachments. It also increases intuition and psychic abilities. Working with Moqui balls can be a powerful addition to your spiritual growth and meditation practice.

Chakras : Crown, Solar, Sacral, Root

Moqui marbles have a distinct energy relating to their gender & size.  It is believed that larger stones have a slower, deeper energy whereas smaller ones have a more vibrant, faster energy.

There are many ways of working with Moqui Marbles, you can:

1 – Place the smaller one at your Crown Chakra and the larger one at your Root Chakra

2 – You can hold the smaller one if your left hand and larger one in your right hand (if you are right-handed). For left-handed people, you may want to do the opposite.

3 – You can also place one on your Solar Plexus to help with digestion or increase your sense of personal power

4 – Shaman stones are highly beneficial while meditating