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Moldavite encourages sympathy and compassion. It lessens the desire for materialistic things and alleviates worry about money and the future. Moldavite promotes unconventional ideas and can help us to find solutions to problems. It allows us to experience vast spiritual dimensions, enhances the power of clairvoyance and can give us glimpses of the spiritual greatness in terms of the human potential. A truly spiritual stone, it allows us to “see” eternity, to experience higher and finer energies and it also enhances communication between this world and other worlds. It is an extremely powerful, high vibration crystal that is ideal to work with when you want to embark on any form of spiritual practice.

Moldavite is usually found in smaller pieces and comes from Czech Republic where a giant meteorite struck the earth. It formed approximately 13 millions years ago.

You will receive two pieces (approximately 0.5 – 0.8cm / approx. 0.55 gram total)

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