Mirror Truth Lenormand Cards

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When you look in the mirror in the morning, you see your outer appearance. Now you can use your inner mirror to recognize invisible and hidden truths to bring them to light. These 36 captivating Lenormand cards with accompanying guidebook offer simplicity with truly inspirational and astounding accuracy. Each card has its own meanings and keywords, and in connection with several cards, it will give answers to your day-to-day and significant questions. They combine precise traditional symbolism, intuitive interpretation, and modern art images that incorporate fractals, all of which create a whole new type of image that literally pulls you in. Look inside these mirror cards to bring your unconscious self to the surface!

With only two cards you can start to get a clear and literal answer to almost any question that is easy to understand. Lenormand cards are surprisingly simple yet highly accurate. The layouts are also fairly uncomplicated. Each card has its own list of keywords and meanings, however, the answer to your question will become only apparent when looking at a combination of cards and their individual meanings. Lenormand cards are read by pulling them in lines so that they tell a story. There is no reverse meaning in Lenormand cards.

Drawing oracle cards can help you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom by amplifying the answer that is within you. Just be open and allow the interpretation to bubble up to the surface of your conscious mind. It can bring clarity around certain questions or options available to you. It can help you see what are the obstacles in front of you or the best path to choose to achieve what you want.

It is important to choose an oracle deck that speaks to you through its imagery. You should find the images intriguing and fun.  You do not need any psychic skills to use an oracle deck. You can draw a card daily or use once in a while as you feel drawn to.

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