Mini Protection Ritual Kit

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Establish better boundaries and protection from negative energies. This protection ritual kit is designed to help you call forth protection from negative energies and the anchoring of better boundaries with the assistance of plants, crystals, and colors. This ritual will help you anchor your intention as you visualize your desired goal and perform the physical actions to move the energies towards manifestation.


  • 3 candles (2 black + 1 white)
  • 1 black candle holder
  • 1 protection herb sachet to dress the candle, sprinkle around your alter or carry with you
  • 1 Tourmaline keychain to ground and protect you
  • 1 Obsidian for protection, grounding, to heal negativity and help eliminate character flaws
  • 1 Shungite to help give up destructive thoughts, to help restore and revitalize the energy field and aura.
  • 1 ritual instruction card

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