Mini Intuition Ritual Kit

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Activate your intuition and psychic gifts. This intuition ritual kit is designed to help you release the energies that are restricting your ability to tap more deeply into your intuition and to develop your psychic gifts. Activate your psychic skills, increase your level of trust and claim your personal power with the assistance of plants, crystals, and colors. This ritual will help you anchor your intention as you visualize your desired goal and perform the physical actions to move the energies toward manifestation.


  • 3 candles (1 silver, 1 purple and 1 blue)
  • 1 purple candle holder
  • 1 intuition herb sachet to dress the candle, sprinkle around your alter or carry with you
  • 1  Angelite charm to connect with the spirit and angelic realms
  • 1 Kyanite to facilitate meditation and the development of psychic skills
  • 1 Chevron Amethyst to open the third eye and to stimulate vision into unknown realms both within the self and externally.
  • 1 ritual instruction card

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