Larimar Tumble

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Larimar promotes openness and broadens the sense of perception. It represents tranquility and clarity and radiates healing and love energy. It helps people who are over-critical of themselves and of others to become more tolerant. It stimulates the higher chakras, facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It promotes simplicity and makes constructive thinking easier, allowing a “letting of things happen” instead of controlling and manipulating what is happening.

This gemstone raises consciousness to high spiritual vibration. It can also help you speak from the heart. It is said to bring lost knowledge from Atlantis. It is a gemstone that enables one to connect with the Divine Feminine.

On the physical level, it stimulates brain activity and sensitivity and helps with problems of the chest, throat, and head.

Related Chakras : Throat Chakra

Related astrological signs : Pisces

Mineralogy: blue pectolite. Only found in the region of the Dominican Republic and is becoming harder to source.

The size of these tumbles is medium, approximately 1 inch.

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