Kimberlite Tumble

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Kimberlite is the mother rock of diamonds. Stone of energy and manifestation. Stabilizes and revitalizes the Chakra system. Helps to understand ones journey, to be more decisive, take action and have confidence in ones actions.

Kimberlite helps us to trust in ourselves and our decisions, fosters loyalty and trust, gives us hope to glide through the toughest of times, and helps us achieve holistic awareness. Kimberlite also helps us accept change as inevitable in life, providing us with a feeling of calmness that may assist us in uniting the irreconcilable. Kimberlite also helps us to pull together all of the different aspects of our life, all the various threads of our life, so that we can better understand our life’s journey to date.

Kimberlite is an excellent crystal for meditation. When meditating, it helps us to achieve clarity of thought so that we may know what we need to do in order to reach our highest good. It is a stone that helps us to manifest abundance here on Earth. It is also a protective stone that helps us develop our psychic abilities. Kimberlite helps us to not only “talk the talk”, but also follow our true spiritual path by ‘walking our walk’.

As well as Diamonds, Kimberlite can also contain Chrome Diopside, Olivine, Garnet, Phlogopite, Enstatite and other trace minerals too.

Chakras : All Chakras

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