Intuition Gemstone Kit

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Includes: Lapis Lazuli Pyramid – Kyanite Tumble – Raw Sodalite – Raw Chevron Amethyst – Selenite Pendant

Stones of intuition and psychic development. Activate the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Awaken latent psychic abilities. Facilitate meditation, working with guides and spirit helpers, as well as dream recall.

Lapis Lazuli promotes honesty, dignity, wisdom, and sociability. It encourages us to tell and accept the truth. It helps to release pent-up or repressed anger. It releases deeply buried emotions, enabling the verbalization of truth. It releases and heals the bonds of the past, as well as strengthens relationships. It is a stone of learning and can help you access and learn more about who you are.

Kyanite helps with healing & communication. It brings tranquility and peace and reduces anger and frustration. It can alleviate confusion, indecision, and hesitancy in order to move forward with more ease. It is a great mineral to use for spiritual growth & development of psychic abilities. It will also facilitate meditation, working with spirit helpers, and dream recall. Kyanite will also align the Chakras and helps to develop the Third Eye Chakra.

Sodalite enhances creativity, truth, and ideals. It helps with communication and dissipates guilt. Increases consciousness and idealism. Excellent for development of psychic abilities and intuition.

Chevron Amethyst allows one to be more serene and aware. Stimulating impartiality, sense of judgment, constructive thinking and acting. It is one of the finest third-eye gemstones, stimulating vision into unknown realms both within the self and externally. Can also facilitate the perception and interpretation of the aura and to assist in auric cleansing.

It is an excellent stone for journeying and for inner self-evaluation and evolution. It can help with psychic research and to trace energies back to their source, making it ideal for finding the origins of chakra links, entanglements and invasive energies within one’s field.

Selenite cleanses the energy field and emotional body. It helps you connect with Spirit Guides. Selenite can support dream recollection & understanding. And is also a great mineral to charge and enhance other crystals.

Rapidly shifts blocked energy, clear away negative energy and lessen, or remove, emotional turmoil and confusion. Supports concentration and clear thinking, provides clarity of mind and strengthens your own decision-making process. It can make you much more aware of things – on all levels – helps you to better understand situations around you and also helps you to reach the correct judgment in disputes.

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