Howlite Bracelet

$ 15.00$ 25.00

  • USD: 15.00$ - 25.00$

Howlite promotes conscious control of one’s actions and aid in taking control of one’s life. It combines the power of reasoning with patience, awareness, and purity of character. It brings a sense of calmness, reduces anger and offensive behaviors. Howlite helps us to communicate and express ourselves better and encourages us to be more subtle and tactful. It can be very good for children having temper tantrums. It is also very beneficial to reduce nightmares.

On the physical level, it helps with calcium balance and nausea.

Related Chakras : Crown and Sacral Chakras

Related astrological signs : Gemini

Mineralogy: calcium boron silicate

The bracelets are available in 4 mm and 8 mm bead size.